HERE AT DEANNA'S TRAVELING CANVAS we take charity very seriously!

We love giving back to those in need and there are always people in need. We have held raffles to raise funds to give and with every Deanna's Traveling Canvas bumper stickers sold all the profit goes to charity. We pride ourselves in our transparency with where the money that is given goes. There are plenty of charities out there where the organization ends up with most of the money and only minimal amounts go to those who actually need it.  Thats not us and never will be. Look below for the people we have given to so far.

January- March Charity

    December 2018             Charity

For the month of December 2018 we sold enough bumper stickers to be able to give $53. We asked those who gave if they knew of any families in need and received a number of responses. One in particular stood out to us. A family of four had moved into a rental not knowing that the previous occupants had used it for a meth lab. When they found out they had get rid of all there possessions. For a while they were without a home. They have a home now and one of the main things they were in need of after Christmas was Kitchen supplies. After some thrifty shopping at Ross we were able to set them up with a nice start to a kitchen set again. We gave an additional $200 to the charity making that a total of $253 spent. Thank you all that gave the family was in tears when they received this gift.